Healthcare for Refugees

Why do we work?

The number of refugees has steadily increased in recent years due to more and more new crisis- and warzones worldwide.


An increasingly restrictive asylum policy denies many a stay in Europe. Therefore more and more people are being forced into illegality. They live without valid residence status, without papers among us – also in our region. Their situation is especially threatening when they get sick.


The Medical Relief Aid (MFH) has been taking care of these patients on a voluntary basis since 1999.


The MFH is independent of state, political, religious and ideological institutions.

Our development

The medical aid for refugees came from the movement “No human being is illegal”, which was created in 1997 at documenta X in Kassel.


In just a few weeks, more than 200 groups and organisations and thousands of individuals had joined an appeal to help refugees and migrants, regardless of their residence status, “travel in and out, provide migrants with work and papers, medical care, school, education, housing and to ensure material survival “.


First signatories of this appeal were e.g. Elfride Jelinek, Christa Wolf, Ellis Huber (President of the Berlin Medical Association), numerous doctors and artists.


Already in the year of foundation 1999 the medical refugee help Nuremberg received the “multicultural price of the alien advisory board Nuremberg”.

Our cooperation partners

The MFH is a member of the “Round Table for Human Rights” of the city of Nuremberg, is a supporting member of “Pro Asyl” and a member of the “Bavarian Refugee Council”.


The medical aid for refugees is provided by the non-profit association “Aktion Grenzenlos e.V.” carried.